The Cobb School Garden is an outdoor, year-round learning space for the kids of Cobb Mountain Elementary.  Each student visits the garden for 30 minutes every week, or 1 hour every other week.  Garden classes are taught by a paid Garden Coordinator, with the help of many parent volunteers.

Our Certified Organic Garden is at 3,000 feet elevation, often with long, cold winters. The addition of a greenhouse has helped extend our growing season.  Kids are in the garden most days, unless it is below 40 degrees, or actively raining.  At those times students are learning in the greenhouse, or in the garden classroom.

Our Old Asparagus Patch

The asparagus bed in our school garden has been producing like crazy!  We’ve been eating it all month, I think we’ve harvested about 40 pounds.  The kids love to eat it raw, or sautéed in a little olive oil with sea salt.  They can’t get enough,... read more