One reason kids love Garden Class so much, is that they get to eat! Our program includes time for students to help prepare a nutritious, plant-based snack, every time.

We explore unique, heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables, and discuss how different cultures might prepare them. We focus on seasonal, local ingredients, and keep the techniques simple enough for the students to replicate at home.

The kids love the food, we share the recipes with the families, and healthy foods make it into homes.

Cobb School’s Favorite Chai Recipe

Chilly days in the garden call for brewing up a warming pot of chai. The kids learn to identify the spices by their scent, as well as which part of the plant they come from.  We like to smell the chai, and see if we can notice the different spices.  We have found that... read more

Cucumber Tzatziki

We had an abundance of cucumbers in the garden this year, so we decided to try our version of the classic Greek Tzatziki sauce.  Two 5th graders made the yogurt sauce and served it to the other Cobb kids in the cafeteria.  This was a new flavor combination for most... read more

Our Favorite Turnips!

One of our students insisted we plant turnips!  She and her 1st grade friends gently planted the whole pack of seeds in late winter, and by mid-May we had a bumper crop of beautiful, globe turnips.  As you might know, turnips can be a little bitter, and tend not to be... read more

Asparagus is Awesome!

You know it is spring-time at the Cobb School garden because every kid is craving asparagus!  We have a pretty spectacular asparagus patch that pumps out close to 50 lbs per season and was planted over 20 years ago.  The kids talk about it all year round, waiting for... read more

Fava Beans!

We used fava beans as a winter cover crop this season, and almost none of the kids had ever eaten one before.  They learned about the nitrogen fixing properties of the plant, and also what a labor of love the legumes are to prepare. After we harvested the long pods,... read more

Roasted Broccoli

Oh boy, did our roasted broccoli go over well, or what?  The kids devoured the broccoli they grew and even wrote their own recipes to take home! It’s just that simple.... read more

Infused Vinegars

Our raspberries are really going off this year!  Ask any Cobb kid what their favorite thing is to eat in the garden right now, and I’ll bet you’ll hear about our prolific berry patch. We decided to preserve some of summer’s bounty, by infusing... read more